Vision & Mission

BucknBearwas founded in 2016. We strive to be the creators of the most distinctive tools - tools made especially for adventurous people who like to "live withan edge". Our Products are hand made by skilled artisans and craftsmen, which reflects excellence in itself. Our unmatched quality of products set us ahead from our competitors in the international market. All the products are delivered within the stipulated time frame and checked by our quality experts to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers.

Quality Control:

From the selection of the finest raw materials to exacting and rigorous steps taken to maintain quality control during each phase of production, there is a lot of craftsmanship that has gone into every BucknBear knife, transforming a simple cutting task into a uniquely pleasurable experience each and every time.

Rockwell testing equipment (HRC) is used to maintain strict control over the all important hardening process. Resistance to corrosion and cutting edge superiority are entirely dependent on this precise heat treatment process.

To ensure optimum performance, our sharpness testing machine is used on every knife blade that we manufacture, guaranteeing the best possible performance with every knife. Throughout the production process, proper grinding and honing angles are continuously monitored with a laser angles control unit.

The quality of steel: Quality knives require a very specific grade of steel to insure proper forging, tempering and hardening. All BucknBear knives are made of the finest quality steel. Our commitment to quality insures durability, strength and longevity of each blade that is made. 
The forging process The way which the knife is forged and tempered is as important to the process as the quality of the steel that is used, Forging is the process of heating steel to a red-hot state prior to applying a powerful blow to form a forged blank.

BucknBear Knives